Face Shield Mask





With this virus and two essential workers and a pregnant daughter I went a step further to try to protect them as much as I can. I also did face masks in a couple of different ways which I will post.

Let’s talk about this inexpensive way to add a bit more security towards their health. This is very simple and all the items you either I had at home and  to Dollar Tree. I tried with several items to see what works better for me or rather I bought. 


I’ll walk you through the pictures, I also posted my YouTube Tutorial. PLEASE make sure  to subscribe to my channel.  My videos are quick, inexpensive, simple and to the point. 


Items needed

1. Empty Soda Bottle

2. Dish Sponges

3. Maker

4. Felt Foam

5. Hook and Loop Fasteners

6. Double Sided Tape

7. Scissors 

8. Hole Puncture

9. Box Cutter

10. Hair Elastic

All but the double sided tape where items purchased at Dollar Tree. 

When you cut the bottle is the same pattern you see in the picture, simple but make sure you use the box cutter for his. You cause the scissor to give it a clean line. When you remove the label it has a line at the bottom. You take your maker and you trace that line and at times you can see the top line but very thin. If not find an item, a cup the same side rim or smaller of the soda bottle, then you trace. When cutting take your time it can go wrong in a minute. Clip the top edges of the shield (soda bottle) their pointy, take your hole puncture and clip both sides for the elastic. 


For the sponge, you can cut it the long way, with the other half cut into 3 pieces. You can choose how long you want the sponge across the fore head and that is why you cut the sponge in 3 pieces. Now you can choose what method you choose to secure the sponge across the head. I chose the 3M double sided tape. You cannot hot glue it, I tried at least. Make sure the sponge is secured to the shield. I loped the hair elastic on the loops. Quick, Simple and Inexpensive.











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