Beef Round

I started going to my near by food pantry which is the next block from where I live. They give out good stuff ,especially the fruits and vegetables.

I want to show you just because it didn’t come a fancy supermarket you can cook a delicious and top of the notch dinner.

Today my dinner consist of and remember all items came from the food pantry with the exception of my seasonings. Homemade garlic mash potato, beef round, and homemade pickle cherry tomatoes.

One of the seasoning I use to season this beef was sofrito. Sofrito is cilantro, pepper, onions and garlic and blended in a blender. Sort of like pesto. I also used which I make myself is garlic paste. A little adobo which is a Spanish seasoning by Goya. And by the way I cooked the beef in a crock pot for 4 hours. Added a little water to it.

Now for my freshly made mash potato I add garlic paste. I add milk, butter and a dash of the garlic paste and add the already mash potato into that pot and whip.

Now to my favorite part of the meal. My canned pickled cherry tomatoes. Put to boil one cup of apple cider vinegar to one part water, I add Mrs. Wages pickling & canning salt and Ball mixed pickling spice. My cut my cherry tomatoes in half and put in a Mason jar and add the boiling contents. Leave it over night.

There’s nothing better than a home cook meal. Make sure to visit your food pantry in your community.




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