Bow Pasta with Mussels and my Homemade Butter Sauce.

Living the quarantine life has taken a toll on this body. I’ve been home since March and doing remote learning and taking it a notch on this cooking thing.

I’ve always loved cooking and now even more because I get to cook for only me. Kids are grown and out the house. So I get to experiment with it.

Dinner consist of Bow Pasta with onions and garlic sautéed in Olive oil and butter with a dash of salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice and Mussels. I also did some home made butter sauce.

For my pasta I put them in a put of boiling water with a dash of salt. I kind like my pasta hard so I keep them in for about 12 minutes. While that is boiling I add olive oil, butter to a frying pan and add my onions and fresh garlic. She my pasta is done, I drain them and add them in the pan with the olive oil and butter and give that a good toss.

I then steam my pasta, but before I steam them I give them a good wash and soak them in water.

Now for this butter you will need a teaspoon of

  1. Italian Seasoning
  2. Old Bay
  3. Tajin Lime
  4. Oregano
  5. Parsely
  6. Canjun
  7. Lemon Pepper
  8. Knorr Sazon
  9. Badila
  10. 2 sticks of butter
  11. Cup of chopped onions
  12. Cup of chopped garlic

Add that butter let it melt, add all the dry ingredients and the cup of onions and garlic. Let simmer until onions are soft for about 10 minutes. The sauce is best when it is hot to dip your mussels. And that is how quick and simple it is. And that is how quick and simple it is.

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Bon Appetite!

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