Love Stand

I just loved the way this cupid stand came along. I was thinking outside the box. All items came from Dollar Tree store. The black and white ribbon was purchased at Michael’s.

This was a quick and simple diy project. First thing first, I remove as much as I could the glitter on the board and Cupid. The Cupid was red on one side and glittered on the other side. I used a scraper but you can sand it by hand. Those two things was the most difficult to do.

The board was painted with black paint purchased at Dollar Tree. I did 5 coatings to the board. The Cupid gave me a little difficulty painting it white on the side that was painted red. The white paint wasn’t taking on. It took perfectly well on the glitter part. I did 4 coatings of paint on the glitter part, added 2 coating of one of the glitter and one coating of the other glitter. I glued the cupid to the board with hot glue and used 2 tumblers to the back of the cupid to give it a demential look. The tumblers purchased at Dollar Tree. That’s optional.

I set aside these two pieces to dry, than went and removed carefully the love sign from the stand. Painted them both with red paint. The reason I removed the love from the stand was I needed it for the board. I used the hot glue gun and E6000 to glue the stand to the board. The reason I used two glue was the E6000 takes a while to dry up and with the hot glue it holds it in place because it dries quicker. when I glued the cupid to the

I also used 2 popsicles sticks to add to the bottom of the stand. The Cupid was a little heavy and it wasn’t standing. It kept falling forward. After all that is done you than start to put everything together. I added the stand, than the Cupid. I put the love sign at the bottom and added the red Dollar Tree ribbon bow that I made. I put on the big bow on top. There’s no wrong or right way to do a bow. I’m not expert when it comes to bow making. I added small ribbons to the legs and heart. I finished it up with some flowers and small hearts.

This DIY project can be seen on my Youtube channel

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