Handmade No Sew Easter Bunnies and Eggs

I needed to craft because crafting smooth me down, is more of a therapy for me. I didn’t want to do a YouTube video I needed to relax and crafting was the only way.

2 weeks ago I did a small vintage baby crib from Dollar Tree materials and paint sticks. This crib came out beautifully put together. That’s what happens when I use crafting as a method of relaxation. I will be doing a DIY video on how to make your own.

I wanted something inside the crib to bring it more out. I thought about buying theses bunnies Dollar Tree has and add some clothes to them but I wanted to personalize it. Do my own bunnies.

I took two size wood bunny and egg and used it as a template. I had white burlap material, different kind of lace some vintage, flowers ribbons and a whole lot of other materials from prior projects.

All you will need is wood bunnies and eggs, material and a hot glue gun. I have another glue I use for baby shoes I make.

Trace the wood template on the fabric I use a regular pen, nothing fancy, turn the fabric around because of the pen mark and cut away. Depending on the fabric you can double the fabric or cut each piece. I used 2 kind of scissors, fabric and micro scissors which are very pointy and small to cut those hard to reach with regular fabric scissors.

Now the gluing process, with the ones I did I used regular hot glue gun. I have another glue which works like a hot glue gun but it’s in a plastic bottle and is not hot. I use that glue for my baby shoe collection I’m doing. Take your time when gluing. And just dap the glue, not a lot. Pinch the material together when applied the glue, be extremely careful.

Applying the glue comes on portion. First glue the ears and stuff them with pillow filler if that is what is called. I use a pillow I did for the holiday. After you stuff the ears, you go ahead and glue the head part and fill it and start to glue the button. The reason I do it In portion is because is easier to stuff the ears. You glue it all the way to the bottom leave a little space to fill the rest up. Than you just glue after you finish stuffing it.

The next part to clean the edges after you finish stuffing it completely and gluing. When I say clean up the edges I mean cutting the edges and making it look neat. You will do that for the two sizes of the bunny and egg but the egg you can glue it all the down and leave a space to stuff it.

Now the fun and creative part begins, you see I can give you the format but is up to you to bring your creative part out. I decided I wanted to give them as the crib I did, vintage and old, so I used a lot of ribbon, lace and flower. And with those you also glue them.

You see how stinking cute they look. Your handmade vintage plush bunnies. The link to my YouTube video will be at the bottom. Make sure to subscribe, comment, share and like.

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