Vintage Handmade Cribs

First off let me start by saying I absolutely love the way these pieces came out. I used materials I already had at home. You see when I’m experimenting in a craft I used materials I have, don’t buy anything new.

The vintage lace and pieces Used on the cribs bought from thrift store and flea markets. The lace on the pink crib was purchased about 10 years ago. You can’t find them in fabric stores. The lace in the green one was from a table runner I had for 5 years, so you see I don’t throw anything away.

You see the importance of buying something and having it there. My daughters always ask me why I’m I buying something I don’t need or don’t have a project for it right now. I tell them I buy for the future not now and if it’s on sale I’m definitely getting it.

The paint was purchased at Michael’s and the painters sticks at Home Deport. All items listed on my YouTube video.

Now this process is easy, 5 sticks glued together by popsicles sticks. The rails are also painters sticks. The head and foot boards are two easters boards I purchased at Dollar tree. I removed the design on the board with a hot rag placed on top for about a minute and it removes the whole thing and leaves you with just the board itself. Make sure to checkout my YouTube channel! Great DIY projects!

This is budget friendly and mommy friendly project.

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