Handmade Vintage Carrots

When you see and quick and simple this diy project is, you would want to try your hands on your own carrot decor.

There’s three ways in how to make these stinking cute carrots. First one is styrofoam cones purchased at Dollar Tree, burlap material, card stock paper or copy paper. Whatever paper you have at home and pillow stuffer.

The greenery added on top was purchased at Dollar Tree along with the burlap ribbons. The first picture you see is a template I made to do the cones. The one next to it is the styrofoam cone I painted with Dollar Tree paint. I then wrapped it in burlap ribbon. One thing I want to say it that the burlap carrot was glued not sewn.

This project is a budget and mommy friendly DIY project. Make sure to checkout my YouTube video on how to put this project together and don’t forget to subscribe!

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