Dollar Tree Bunnies

Lord knows how long it took my Dollar Tree store to bring in these bunnies.

They are the in thing for Easter. So I decided to give it a go. There was only 4 at the store near me and was quick to grab them.

I made 2 out of the 4, I will try my hands on a male one, I’ve been so busy with my YouTube channel that timing for me is minimum and I’m working from home due to the pandemic, that takes up all my mornings.

So real quick, all the materials and items used on my bunnies I had in the house from prior projects, so nothing was bought to make them. I work with what I have.

No sewing needed on this project but a hot glue gun.

Tulle to make your tutu, material to make you a shirt, ribbon and flowers. These items was purchased all over the place, some I’ve had for a very long time. As for the shirt on them I just did a template. Fortunate for me I can just draw anything pattern I need, I don’t paint but can do a template with just imagining it so to speak.

I also added shoes to them something no other crafter did.

Now the tops to these beauties, I used satin material for the shirt, you can use any material. I cut a template to do these shirts. I glued the back and front of the shirt together. I didn’t do anything to the back of the shirt. I glued on the ribbon to the front of the shirt and yes its ribbon, you have the option to use whatever ribbon or lace you have. With the tutu skirt I just tied it to the ribbon. You have the option of sewing it but I chose the easy way out. The jewelry used was earrings, broaches, necklaces and rings I get from a local merchant.

I was asked and was messaged if I sold them, I only purchased 4 and just wanted to try my hands on them but next year I’m buying a box, dress them up and sell them. My bunnies was named from a Dollar Tree group one of the best bunnies and other crafters.

Checkout my YouTube video on how I put this baby together and a better look on how I glued the ribbon to the shirt and how I did my tutu.

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