Dollar Tree Wired Pail Hats

Here I have yet another budget friendly diy home decor or just spring decor, but in this matter you have here a conversational piece. You can also decor these hats for parties, table pieces, theme party or even Kentucky Derby party.

With only one mayor piece to this project needed, a wired pail from Dollar Tree. Look through your basket of ribbons, lace and flower to add or rather decor the hats. One thing I did was spray paint them. I purchase all my can spray from Home Depot which are inexpensive. Did you know that Home Depot has paint samples in a small container or bottle for 98€?

I can’t emphasize enough that I buy things that are in sale, clearance, 75% off. When purchasing these items is not because I have a project in mind not, it’s because their cheap. so I’ll buy it and keep them there for future projects. I also do a lot of thrifting. I love me a good thrift store or flea market. The pieces on the pink hat was a kitchen curtain I bought at a thrift store. I cut the laces and pieces off.

My motto is the more the merrier when I start to add to any piece I do. So don’t be afraid to step outside the box when creating a piece but make sure the pieces you adding are added at the right spot.

The flowers I used I purchased at a party store by me. The laces, ribbons and materials bought at a local fabric store, which by the way I go like every two weeks to see what the have for good prices. At time I can get a vintage type lace or ribbon at a price of 5 yards for a $1.

Just for the record, I did not come up with this idea about the pail being turn into a hat but what makes yours unique is how you decor it. What’s makes it a conversational piece is what you add to them.

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Make sure to checkout the tutorial for piece by piece on how to create these beauties.

Happy Crafting everyone!

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