Budget Friendly Wall Decor

Welcome back to another DIY project. A friendly budget one. All it took was paint sticks I purchased at Home Depot, paint and card stock from Michael’s , the windmill, flowers and Mod Podge from Dollar Tree.

I wanted to try something different with this project so what I did was painted each stick individuality, I than put all the sticks together without any support. The reason why no support in back of the sticks was because I’m going to cut them. This piece was going to be individual.

I painted the windmill I purchased from Dollar Tree with Folkart paint, the color is Cascada. I added wood block to lift up the windmill. Didn’t want it flat to the board.

Those beautiful flowers was purchased at Dollar Tree. I’m selected on the flowers I purchase from there. This piece was a challenge and it was my first try on separating the sticks.

Checkout the tutorial on this beautiful home decor. Also great Mother’s Day gift.

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