DIY Plant Stand

Hey guys I have another budget friendly home decor. This decor goes great in a little girl’s room. I was suppose to do this plant stand for Easter to sit my bunnies on but never happened. All material bout at Dollar Tree.

After you set up and glue everything together you can then decorate it how you like it. I added items I had from home already. I have a room full of materials, items, paint, fabric, glitter seasonal stuff and a whole lots of things.

I buy ONLY when things are on sale, 50 or 75 or sometimes 90% off. For Thanksgiving the Rite Aid near me had all Halloween and Thanksgiving from Home Decor for 90% off. The manager saw my cousin shopping and told her to tell me that all of those items was on sale.

I even want to go dumpster diving now, it’s the new thing. Any DIY project I do has to be budget friendly, well 75 % is budget friendly. I like to step outside the box at times. One of my favorite things to do is do table setups. I’ve done it for 3 baby showers and this year I’ll be doing the table for my oldest granddaughter’s Quinceanero (Sweet 15). I will be setting up the whole venue. Whatever i will DIY I will show you so you can setup a table with all DIY projects.

For this piece i used

  1. DT plastic Fence
  2. DT Board
  3. Paint (Michael’s)
  4. Hot Glue Gun
  5. E 6000 Glue
  6. DT pail

The pieces on the backing of the stand are decor i made from a hot glue gun and silicone moldings I use to make pieces to add on a cake.

Make sure to click on the link below to show you step by step on how to put this DIY project together.

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