Home Decor Wall Sign

Look what a Dollar Tree board, wood flower, wood home words and jute robe can make.

What I did with the wood flowers was use mod podge to cover the whole flower with book paper . I glued the nautical rope around it with a hot glue gun. The flower I. The middle was a flower I had for years.

As for the board, it was an Easter sign. I took the sign off with a rag and hot water. Directions on how to do it is on my YouTube video. I than painted it the color Java by Folk Art purchased at Michael’s.

I added paper book flowers I made, the link how to do the paper book flower is on my bio on YouTube. I added a nautical bow and two pieces of old lace I had.

Items needed

1. Wood Flower

2. Nautical Rope

3. Wood Home Sign

4. Flower for the center

5. Hot Glue Gun

6. Last but not least Paper Book Flowers.

Make sure to click on the link below 👇 on how to put this beautiful wall decor together

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