Teddy Bear Centerpiece

Now how stinking cute is this budget friendly Teddy Bear centerpiece. This teddy bear I purchased at Dollar Tree, I cleaned her up and added a tutu and a hairpiece. As you see the before and after picture.

The ring around it was an old lamp shade I had and took it apart. I used the ring around the lamp for this piece. I took a flat round and a round one and cut it in half. I used a can of gold spray paint purchased at Home Depot, which is the best place to buy them and the price is great.

I placed the styrofoam on a Dollar Tree candle holder, added flowers to the side. Some of the flowers I bought from DT and others from a party store around my way. Added cotton, glued on the bear and I cut out the shape of the moon on a glittery gold card stock.

Make sure to visit my YouTube video on how to put this little cutie together. Don’t forget to subscribe, follow, share, like and give it a big thumbs up.

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