My Handmade Little Red Truck

I finally made a red truck! With this red truck you can use it as a party decor or in my case for my grandson Miles’s room. I made one about 2 years ago. It was ok but felt like it was missing something.

Now the first one I made took me all day. I didn’t measure it correctly, I painted the car board as oppose to painting it when everything was put together. You can see the difference from the first one to the second one I made.

All it took was 1 Dollar tree wood crate, and 2 side board which is the sides of the car also purchased at Dollar Tree. Paint sticks I got for free at Home Depot and popsicle sticks which I have by the punch at home and the patience to measure and glue.

Let’s not forget a hot glue gun and E6000. I had these color laser printer transparency film which I used for the windows.

Please click on the Youtube link below and how to assemble all this. Believe me is all worth it.

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