Easter Wall Decor

I went to my local Dollar Tree as I normally do to see what they’ve gotten new. I found a bunny, stripped it off what was on it. It was plastic.

The nautical rope was also from Dollar Tree, it took three pack of rope to wrap the whole thing around but the end result is breath taking. The backing I used was a 4th of July decor i purchased at Michael’s for 50% off. Now wrapping the rope was time consuming.

I used the criss cross technic to do the bows, I’m no good in making bows so I use the simplest way to make them. Now I did a fabric bunny which is glued at the bottom, I could of used a different color to make that carrot but it orange color would not have looked good.

Make sure to checkout my Youtube video on all the items purchased and how I put it together but must importantly make sure to subscribe!!


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