Shabby Chic Wedding Bouquet

I really love the way this bouquet turned out to my surprising. These flowers is one of the things I love doing. I add them on every project, well not every project but where is needed. At times I just make a whole bunch just to keep them there.

The link to these shabby chic flowers is on the bio on the YouTube video. Once you make them you never stop. I took a styrofoam ball, cut it in half and cut a cardboard the shape of the styrofoam and glued it to the back of the ball. I simply glued the flowers to the ball.

Now for the part to hold the bouquet was a pool noodle but I inserted a wood dowel stick which was purchased at Dollar Tree and glued now I used a hot glue gun for all the gluing

I wrapped the pool noodle with nautical rope also purchased from Dollar Tree. I’m fortunate that I have a vender that sells the broaches at the corner of my house, I live in Brooklyn and on the corner of a busy shopping street. I pay a dollar for them. I buy them by the bunch and he gives me a discount.

Make sure to checkout my YouTube video for step by step. Also please make sure to subscribe to my my YouTube channel.

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