DIY Space Server

Who doesn’t want a coffee bar in their kitchen? I wanted height and more space to add all my coffee, tea and chocolate to my bar so I made extra space by adding a space server all done by me. I took 2 plank wood I found a while ago, had some Dollar Tree pieces of wood and off to work I went.

I glued on all parts but added 2 screws to the top for better support. I colored it the same color a from the bottom which was eggshell black. I played with it to make sure it had proper support to add my glass jars on.

Items used for it

  1. 2 Long Wood Planks
  2. Long Paint Stirrers
  3. Dollar Tree Wood Planks
  4. Hot Glue Gun
  5. Plenty of Patience

Youtube Link below, make sure to subscribe for more YouTube video!

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