Homemade Garlic Paste

I’m just loving my homemade sauces. Here you have garlic paste and sauce. I use the paste for seasoning my food especially meat and the sauce is just an add on to your cook meats, especially anything fried.

So obviously you need, or I used 7 heads of garlic cloves , oil I love using olive oil but it was expensive so I’ll catch it on sale. My next oil to go to is vegetable oil.

I put the garlic in my little blender and don’t judge me on it. I keep saying I’m going to buy me one and I don’t. Definitely buying one this week because I want to make oat milk to make some oatmeal and my chia seed breakfast but I need a big blender for this.

I separated a little bit of the garlic paste and made garlic sauce. With this process I add vinegar to make it more watery and add Adobo for seasoning. This to is also good on just about anything.

Make sure to checkout my YouTube video linked below and make sure to auto this new channel.


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