Chicken on a Whole Wheat Tortilla

Want a delicious, quick and simple dish for either lunch or dinner? My daughter had given me a pack of whole wheat tortilla and yes about 65% or me like eating healthy. I had some chicken and polish sausage in the fridge, onions, cherry tomatoes and some Chimichurri sauce I had made.

I season the chicken with lemon juice, Adobo, Sazon and a little curry powder. I fried the chicken with olive oil which is my preference, you can do any oil. Now I didn’t add alot of oil to the pot, when the chicken fried I added the sausage in that same pot. Now they way I heated the tortilla unplaced them on the stove burners.

I piled some cherry tomatoes and raw onions topped with my homemade Chimichurri sauce and when I say this was delicious it was.

Like I said quick and simple. The link to my homemade Chimichurri sauce in on the description box on my YouTube video below if you haven’t make sure to subscribe.


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