Spinach Wonton

Ohh yea hadn’t made these babies in a while. This is one of my daughter’s favorite dish. Now don’t come at me for my technic of making these wontons, no expert here. I used frozen spinach and drained the water.

In the spinach I used one egg and Parmesan cheese. This was an 8 oz bag of spinach. I also used about a cup of parmesan, now you can add your own measurement of cheese. I don’t season it because of the parmesan. I make a-lot and freeze them. I place them on a flat sheet freeze them and put them in ziplock bags. DONOT put them in a ziplock without freezing them individually first.

Have a pot of boiling water with a dash of salt. It only takes about minute for the wonton to be done. Now this is when I make it my own. I have a pan on the stove with freshly chopped garlic and butter so when you finish boiling your wonton you can throw them in the butter and garlic.

When I tell you these are so delicious they are, especially with the butter and garlic. The Wonton are bite size so you tend to eat a couple of them.

Please go checkout my technics on how I make my own Wontons. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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