Skull Decor

I love to do DIY decor when it comes to the holidays. now checkout how stinking cute this turned out. I did mown checker board base, decor my hat which I’m going to get another skull to do a bridal one and put everything together.

All items are Dollar Tree. The stand are witch bowls lol. The hat is a St.Patrick green hat which I took apart. I added black fabric to the hat. After I did the hat and added the side ribbon I than glued it to the skull and added the pieces to it.

I needed to glue the hat so I can take it from there on how I wanted to decor it. The hat is the focus on this piece so I had to make it stand out.

I put tumblers in front and back to elevate the skull, and added the black flowers to cover them up. I wanted a little bang against the black flowers so I added a red one.

Make sure to checkout my YouTube video on how I put these together but most important make sure to subscribe!

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