My Kitchen Rental Friendly Renovation

Would I do this again, yeah lol. This was July 2022 in the middle of 100 degree weather. I cried, my back was hurting and thought I would never finish but I did, with the exception of minor things which will be done.

Let me start by saying my management company was in agreement that they will come paint the kitchen, they never did, after leaving messages I took it abound myself to start. I was on vacation and needed to be done before I got back to work.

I knew the moment I took the shelves down and the paint started to peel I was in trouble. That’s when I really started to cry and sweat. Went to Home Depot and had to make a choice, do I plaster, sand and paint or do I go checkout the wall panel section? Which no thought would of been pricey. Luckily I went with my gut feeling which his a lot of gut and went to the wall panel section and to my surprise it wasn’t pricey.

I chose a wall panel which I love. Ordered me a gun nail, hand saw and a Beamer finder and went to working.

I chose Sage Green for my cabinets and it makes the kitchen bright and airy. Slapped some handles to them. I couldn’t do all because Home Depot didn’t have and went on 2 different occasions.

I bought 4 sets of cubbies for all my appliances, painted them also sage green which by the way gave me a hard time but I did it with sweat pouring down my face.

Added on some racks for shelves which I bought the wrong width but that’s ok I will use those wood shelves on the other side and purchase the right ones. This was all a learning process for me.

To my management company I would love to put the middle finger up here but I’ll be nice.

I’ve learned a lot on this renovation, one is to always measure, use the right nails, don’t mistake premier for paint lol. I focused, wiped the tears and kept it going.

Make sure to checkout the video below but most importantly subscribe!

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