Mad Hatter Halloween Hat

I was so inspired when I did the skull with the hat that I wanted to do a big hat. So here it is my Halloween hat made from a Dollar Tree wired pail.

All the pieces used on the hat was from DT. Ribbons, Halloween balls, flowers, stems and pumpkins.

The wire pails are very flexible and easy to mold. It took a lot of stretching it out to form something like the Mad Hatter Hat. The spray paint which was black was purchased at Home Depot like everything els, I’m going to get them to sponsor me in one of my video as much as I mention them lol.

As far as the decor on that hat it was all from Dollar Tree. They have amazing Halloween. Fall and Christmas items. I needed a head to place my baton so I took one of my styrofoam head and gave a paint of orange, gave it an eyebrow, lashes and an eye lol.

Make sure to click on the link below for a before and after.


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