Pumpkin Picking Red Truck

First thing first, you see that truck I did it with Dollar Tree items. If you stroll down on my archive you will find it and if you subscribe to my YouTube channel you will also see it there. It was a challenge building this red truck but i got it right the second time around but checkout how cute it looks

This was a project made with love, full of pumpkins, moss and a stack of hay! Checkout my handmade “Pumpkin Picking” sign. I even made a platform for it. It’s gratifying to know you did such a beautiful project.

Dollar Tree do have some beautiful pumpkins this year. I need to stack up, because we all know we probably won’t see them next year.

Before I forget the stand I made was paint sticks i get from Home Depot. I gave it a coat of brown and then a coat of white, used a sponge sander. Sand it just enough to let the brown peek out.

Make sure to checkout the before and after.


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