Fall Wall Home Decor

It’s Fall decor! Here I have a beautiful pumpkin wall decor with just Dollar Tree’s items.

What I did with the pumpkin was I did the baking soda and paint technique. Don’t know the measurements I just wing it. This is when you want to give something texture. This was a Dollar Tree pumpkin sign and I needed it to look rustic. I love the technique of coloring. I gave it three coats of paint to it.

The back board are planks 4 of them I used. Just for FYI everything on the project are from Dollar Tree. I glued the 4 wood planks and also did the paint and baking soda technique. After it was dried I sand it down a little.

I like to give height to everything so I glued two places tumblers to the crack of the pumpkin and then glued it on the planks.

For the floral arrangement I just put together stems, leaves, and whatever else I had here and tied it with a zip tie. I was looking at a video I saw a while ago on how I made the main point of the floral arrangement and the items the person used was jute robe and a wood stick. This is more for a standing floral arrangement but I used it differently. I will look for the video and give her credit.

At the end I just added personal touch to it. Like wood flowers, I cover the pumpkin stem with jute rope, I also added those small cherries in different areas.

I’m all about doing with what you have. I don’t necessarily buy from one particular place or buy at all and yes I make sure I go and see what my neighbors throw out and if it’s something I can either DIY or refurbish I will take home despise my son looks lol. I believe if you’re a crafter you can craft the sh*t out of anything bought, found or given. The same way I can craft I can bake you a cake, and do table setups so make sure to Follow, Subscribe or just come check it out.


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