Recycle Magazine Holder

I normally have friends giving me things they no longer want or need. This particular piece is wood magazine holder which I took it apart. It gave me a hard time to take apart.

With this items I can do 3 DIY crafts. Why three instead of 4, I broke one part of it, so now I have two small ladders to do whatever. I can use it for Mother’s Day with a small wreath in the middle I’ll see.

So, I took the side of it and made a stand to put my candles on or a cheese stand. This piece went in my kitchen with candles on it.

I sand down the piece itself, and added an antique white, sand it again after painting it to give it a rustic or old look to it. I wasn’t impress how it turned out. When I sand it, it turned out not to be wood. I had Decor Art Creme Wax and just took a dust free cloth and gave it a coat. I also added wood pieces at the bottom to make it a stand. I saved the little buttons and put it on the holes it had from taking it apart.

I see potential in everything I see or given. Family and friends usually ask me if I need what they no longer want or needed of course I says. I have so much things I had to pay fro a storage room for seasonal items. I also bake, and cook and made my walk in closet into a pantry to store all my cooking and baking sulkies.

Make sure to checkout my YouTube channel and get a better look on how to make it.


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