Holiday Home Decor

I’m so behind on everything. Just getting over a stomach virus, and between work and getting things out of storage has delay me from crafting.

Today I have a project that basically took all day to do. I couldn’t decide how I was going to do this. This ladder piece was from a small piece of furniture I no longer needed is instead of throwing it away I took it apart. I gave a a coat of white paint and lightly sanded it.

I had a run down wicker wreath and bought it back to life by adding my shabby chic flowers to it. I will leave the link to these flowers on the description box. I did two bows with burlap ribbon, added branches I pick up from the streets and added it on.

Now let me tell you about this Santa. This was an old Santa’s face. The reason I wanted to use this particular was because the face was bigger but it was old and dirty.I took off that dirty beard and hat. I had a similar one new, so I took the beard off and added it to the old one, made him a beard and a brand new hat. It turned out better than I expected. The moral of this story never throw anything away lol.

To see step by step on how I made it make sure to visit my YouTube channel.


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