Handmade Plush Hearts

Sorry for the delay on this video and even though Valentine’s Day is over I still want to share this video, but they not only made for the month of live you can use them all year round.

Please make sure to check out the video below 👇 on all materials used for this project. I love me a good fabric store and if you know of some in Brooklyn let me know.

You can use whatever fabric you want or choose, with me I love muslin fabric. It’s such a workable fabric and delicate looking.

These are no sew but clued plushes. So much easier this way and you can wash them.

I go for more of a Victorian look. I love lace, ribbon and all those pretty things. When adding decor to these plushes that is what I’m looking for, delicate looking pieces.

For my handmade flowers, there’s a link on my channel on how to make them. Now I did some roses looking ones which is not in that video. At times I just be experimenting with different ones so this particular one was just that.

Make sure to look at video and make your own plushes for every occasion and remember as far as templates you can find anything to use as one.


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