I made 20 of these suckers because that is how good they are, you can’t eat just one.

I did some with ground beef, some with cheese and a combination of both. With empanadillas is all in how you season the meat. Seasoning is important. I used adobo, Sazon, olives, garlic and onion powder and cilantro leaves.

You can find empanadillas in the frozen section at the supermarket or anywhere they sell spanish food products.

I won’t sit here and say it’s quick and simple, they are a lot of work but also worth it. I place parchment on the counterpleas clean-up and threw all purpose flour on the on the parchment. It makes the rolling process easier. I roll them out and this is optional. I like a thinner consistency with the empanadilla itself.

Now make sure that the ground meat is at room temperature because if you place that meat hoot the empanadilla it will destroy it lol. After placing the meat you than fold it, I press on the edges after that i use a fork to close it up,

Make sure you having a pot with oil on the stove, and I’m going to be honest, I just know when the oil is at the right temperature. For you here’s tester, throw in some flour in that oil and if it sizzles its good to fry.

Knowing when your empanadilla is ready to come out? If you’re not rolling the empanadilla takes about 5 minutes, now if you’re rolling it, about 2 minutes. DONOT over fry it, you want the empanadilla softly fried.

Make sure to checkout video below for details.



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