Wall Decor with Handmade Flowers

I love making and using handmade flowers in DIY projects.

I was looking for a decor to put up so I can remove my holiday wreaths. The wreaths are on window style with chicken wire and if you know me you know I those bought at a thrift store. I’m not feeling the way it looks there but for now until I put up clean curtains and dust off the sofas which is today they’ll stay.

This project only took large painting sticks, brown paint, popsicle sticks and handmade shabby chic flowers. Now please excuse the hole on the wall. My living room is getting a fresh look pretty soon. Patching up the walls, giving a pop of black to a wall and mores make sure to look out for my inexpensive, making over my living project and everything on a budget.

I want to start in larger projects but they way my small Brooklyn apartment it is I just can’t. For one thing I want to start sewing, like making beautiful couture pieces, ohh yea I’m fancy like that to refurbishing pieces. I can dream can I lol.

The piece with branches which I picked up from the street, well they all was picked up from the side walk is an easy one to do. I have tall branches in my living room which I’ll add flowers also to them. Again make sure to checkout my video on these flowers.

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