Branches EasterWreath

All materials used on this project was from leftovers and my handmade plush bunnies. The branch wreath came from Michael’s. They were $5 and I bought 4 for my dinning table for the holidays. Instead of table mats I used those, set chargers on them. It turned out beautiful. I had them for 2 years and branches were coming apart so instead of them messing all the way up I used it for a wreath. I have 3 more. I’m going to use 2 of them for a child’s decor.

As for the bows, like I said before I’m no expert in making them. I did the criss cross method. I used all sorts of vintage ribbons. Added a lot to make it look fuller. Made plush bunnies, handmade shabby chic flowers and moss. The ribbons on here were mostly purchased at Dollar Tree.

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