Dollar Tree Stand

For Mother’s Day my son bought me the can style glass cups with bamboo lids and glass straw and another set but these are shorter used as a bowl also bamboo lids and small gold spoons.

I needed a place to place them on or at so I decided let me make a stand with what I already have at home. I had wood planks and sticks I had gotten from Dollar Tree.

Now let me explained that when you’re doing a project that you know is going to hold weight, you will need more than hot glue or E6000. Fortunate for me I have a nail and stapler gun.

Black paint I purchased at Dollar Tree also, but when you see this video you will see I that after I painted the color I thought I wanted I changed it and yes I do change my mind often but the end result was really nice.

This is just a quick glue, or nail kinda project and that fact that I did it myself is very satisfying. I would love to do bigger projects but I Ave but this much space in my small Brooklyn apartment.

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