Dollar Tree American Flag

You can make just about anything with Dollar Tree items. Is a must you have patience when doing this flag. I didn’t have the blue painting tape so I used what I had and of course some it bled through. I tried my best to correct it and it took patience and a steady hand.

I used 3 wood planks for this project and paint that you can get at Dollar Tree. My little red truck was a Christmas decor which I took apart and I believe I purchased it at Dollar General for $3. Now these stinking cute ribbons I got from Michael’s which by the way if you’re a smart shopper you know to go purchased craft items after that particular holiday is over. Wait a couple of days and go to your favorite craft store. I have here ribbons for over 2 years and waited until now to use them. Remember when you go buy, you’re buying for future projects and it doesn’t hurt you’re getting them for cheap.

This flag looks like a lot of work but it wasn’t, you just need patience for those straight lines lol. I’m into this wax thing. It’s when you want to make your project or whatever you’re crafting make it look rustic and I love it. I purchased it at Home Depot thinking I was purchasing brown paint because I don’t read sometimes and only look at the label or color which turned out to benefit me.

For a more depth look on how I made this flag checkout my YouTube video but better yet subscribe to my channel



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