Refurbished Hutch

I really like refurbishing old furniture, but unfortunately I live in a small apartment in Brooklyn and sanding is a issue. I had to cover all my pictures and by the way I’m a photographer and can check me out on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. I’ll leave the links below.

The clean up process was overwhelming and tiring but I got the job done, Will I do it again? Yes lol.

This old hutch was given to me. It was my elderly neighbor’s and she had for a long time. I knew it wanted to refurbish it and put it in my living room to hold my collection of liquor.

This project turned out to be a beautiful piece and it makes my living room look vintage with the rest of the stuff I have there.

This is not sponsored project but on the YouTube video I named the two paints I used and where I purchased them from. I used the same handles, I washed it and spray painted them black. My daughter said give it a different color but I like it and my son said paint the doors black which by the way I stained, it wasn’t the look I was going for but it gave it character.

Make sure to checkout the video but most importantly make sure to subscribe!


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