Dollar Tree Pumpkin Stand

This DIY project was quick and simple. All it took was 3 size pumpkins, spanish moss, greenery, round styrofoam and a stand. You can use a glass candle holder from DT but i used a glass stand that was on a cake holder.

There was a thrift store by me which has closed but the owner would shave off the stand to broken pieces and would put it aside for me. He knew I did DIY crafting and no-one else was going to buy them lol.

What I did with the stand was i gave it a paint of brown and when it dried up I gave it a paint of white. I would that sand it down to give it an old antique look to it and highlight the carving on them.

This piece turned out really beautiful. Or let not forget gave the white pumpkin a brown wax to it so it can also look old and dirty lol.

Make sure to checkout the before and after on my Video.


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