Bread Pudding

One of the best things I like about baking, is that I could reinvent and create.  I can add my personal touch. I like those quite  Sunday Morning where, I can bake and blog. This coconut Bread Pudding, I owe it to my daughter Sonia. I had some left over croissants and Blue Berry bagels, why not add it together. Which i did.  ingredients  I use.  Eggs, Milk, exactly 3 kind of milk, regular milk, Heavy Cream and Coconut Milk. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Sugar,Coconut and Strawberries.

 Just with these ingredients and the aroma that is coming out my Brooklyn kitchen is amazing.  Just took out the Bread Pudding out the oven and the apartment is smelling delicious. Bon Appetite 

Bread Pudding upload

Delicious Coconut Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding upload1

Delicious Coconut Bread Pudding.

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