Strawberry Amaretto Dessert


Delicious Strawberry Amaretto with fresh whipped cream


Fresh strawberries left in Amaretto and fresh whipped cream

This is a real pretty dessert. Freshly cut strawberries left marinating in Amaretto and Strawberry Glaze Sauce. I also make fresh whipped cream. I didn’t have butter cookies, which i love to use for certain desserts but, this workout good. You can should to plate it in a round but, small plate or you can place the dessert in a cup. The cup I used on this particular picture is Espresso Cup, funny I know. It’s small and just enough not to fill you up.  Fill the cup up and whip it with the freshly made whipped cream and you can use as much or as little you want it. Whatever juice is left at the bottom, you drink it, it’s now a small drink of amaretto.

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