DIY Decorated and Refurbished Picture Frames

As you know I am a fanatic when it comes to a bargain. I shop and look everywhere for that what I call special price.

I go to this one particular place around my area, it’s called Bargain Hunter not only is in my neighborhood but 2 blocks away from my job, so on my lunch break I usually stop by and check out what’s in there.

The manager is quick to show me what he has, not only he gives me a 10% off he also take out the tax. I buy by the bunch, if I see an item that I know cost way more from what he has, I’ll buy the whole box.

This particular day I went in, the manager tells me that he has a lot of picture frames in 2 large bins and is willing to give me a good price. As I looked through them they were really nice frames, some of them didn’t have the glass and some needed TLC. Some of the frames are from Azzure  Home Goods. There was vintage style ones, wood and ceramic.

I asked the manager from the store how much was he willing to give it to me, he stated for the two bins $50 bucks and there was over 65 frame from prices ranging from $4 to $10 so I left with a great bargain.

Event Planners are using picture frames for table setups, so I took to spray painting some of them and I bought vibrant colors from Home Depot. I also used some for my pictures.

I have a whole lot of ribbons, flowers, lace which I catch at a bargain. I also purchased a box of small pink artificial flowers from the store for $5 and it had a lot in it. I saw the flowers I bought online and they had it for $1 a small bunch and I was surprised on how little I paid for mine.

Raising 4 children and staying on a budget was the whole idea with me so I took to doing little things at home and sell it, and I had three little girls to dress is where it stemmed from.

I took to bedazzling their jean jackets to hair clips and they hated it but the other girls from school loved it.  They are now in their 30’s and 20’s so I bedazzled things for all three of my granddaughter and by the way the love it.

Getting back to my frames, I also purchased at the same store small mirror trays which are excellent for placing cake pops  for a good price, I bought about 20 of them for $2 each a 10% discount and no tax. I’ll get some more but I’ll wait to get it at a great price. Now he gave me a good price but I’ll wait until he wants to get rid of it fast so than I can get them at the price I want. It’s called wise shopping.

With these frames now, just use your imagination and if you have a theme party it will be easier to do. You’ll know already what colors or things to put on them, now with one of the frames that didn’t have a glass to it I did a wedding dress frame. The wedding frame is a great piece to put on a table setup.




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