What’s for dinner?

I send my son to the supermarket to get me clams and mussels. I didn’t know how I was going to prepare it but I definitely knew this is what I wanted to eat.

I decide to make the mussels with linguine pasta and maybe add the clams in there also.

I was going to make a quick stop to my nearby supermarket and pick up the pasta but decided to instead of buying it why not go fresh.

I pulled out the flour and eggs and make my own pasta and I did. The recipe for this simple and my favorite pasta will be at the bottom of this blog.

So real quick I’m going to let you know how I made those delicious mussels and the ingredients.

First thing first, make sure to clean those clams good. I use this brittle tooth brush and brush the clams of its sand and when you use this technique it cleans it out and you get to se the true colors of the clams.

I have two pictures of the water after I clean the clams and mussels.

To make my pasta I used:

two cups of flour

3 eggs

1/2 of teaspoon of salt

And what I did was I put the flour in a bowl to prevent a mess. I made I hold in the middle of the flour and added my eggs in there start beating the eggs and slowly incorporate the flour until everything is mixed. If it’s not sticking together add half of teaspoon of water and repeat the process if necessary, now if it gets to sticky and more flour to it.

Kneed the four for about 8-10 minutes. Roll it out and I use at times pizza cutter to do the pasta.

You put a pot of boiling water add a little oil and salt to the water. Fresh pasta takes a little longer than box pasta to do and believe me is much better.

Mussels ingredients:

Virgin Olive Oil




I pot a frying pan on added the oil, butter, and freshly smashed garlic. I love using the pilon, it lets out all its juices doing it this way.

Than I added on the mussels, cover it up for about 20 seconds and I mix all of it together. Stir it around and cover it up for about 5 more minutes, I keep it in a medium heat so like that it can vaporize a little. Remove from the heat.

So what I did with the pasta was I added oil, butter and freshly squeezed lemon. I add my pasta in the pan and let the simmer in there.

When I plate my food I put the pasta on the plate and add those delicious smelling mussels on top.

Oh yea I forgot about my clams. What I did with them was I steamed half of them and the other half I ate them raw. Yes I do eat raw clams and steamed obviously. I add on some freshly squeezed lemon with a dash of hot sauce.

To think I was going to the supermarket to buy pasta. Now a days you have to be careful what are you eating and where you eating at. So why not stay home and chef it up.








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