Baby Decor Stand

This is an all Dollar Tree haul. I love doing baby room decor and on a budget. With the exception of the paint everything here was purchased at Dollar Tree. I wanted it to look rustic. The board I stripped whatever it had on it. What I did was placed a warm rag on the sign and left it there for a couple of minutes or until the rag is cold and did it again and you’ll see the paper start to lift from the board. You can either scrape it or pull it, whatever works for you.

The square wood planks which comes about 10 in each, along with the duck, star, butterfly and the star-fly purchased at Dollar Tree. It’s about 5 in each pack. I was going for a more rustic look so what I did was add a coat of FolkArts Java paint and whatever color I added on top. I sand it just enough to show the Javens color. The duck I just painted it yellow and around the edges gave it a slight paint of the java.

I used paint sticks to the back of the planks to hold the together and added small wood blocks to elevate the characters.

I love using FolkArts and Craft Smart pain which I purchased from Michael’s. I also go to Home Depot and buy the sample paint which is cheap. What I did for the stand was saw in half a wood fence I also purchased from Dollar Tree. You’ll see in the video.

To get a full view on how to put this together checkout my YouTube video. This project is just right if you’re decorating a baby room or for a bay shower and I can’t emphasize this enough is budget friendly.

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