Sunflower Stand

How stinking cute is this DIY project? I have a bin full of artificial flowers some from 3 years ago or even longer. I’m trying to use all of them. I started using things I bought from 20 years ago because now I do Youtube videos and have enough items in my craft room and in storage. In storage I have seasonal things, parties and setups.

I don’t have a set plan when I do these diy projects. I look through all the stuff I have already and just pick and choose what i’m I going to use and that’s it.

For this particular project I used

  1. Paint Stirrers from Home Depot. You can get them at any Hardware store or paint store.
  2. Dollar Tree wood planks
  3. Dollar Tree wood blocks
  4. Two Dollar Tree wood boxes
  5. Dollar Tree flowers
  6. Nautical rope
  7. Hot Glue Gun
  8. E 6000 glue
  9. Popsicle Sticks
  10. Dollar Tree Styrofoam
  11. Dollar Tree Spanish Moss

You can put this planter on your outside window if wanted. When I arrange the flowers there’s no particular way I do, I guess I just even them out. At the time of me taking the pictures I forgot to add in the Spanish moss in the inside of the planter which I did already and let them fall off the planter a little.

Make sure to checkout my tutorial on YouTube on step by step on how to put this planter together. Click on the link below.

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