Cooking for Hannah and Mariah..



Here we go again with my love of cooking. One of these rare moments I have for cooking.  Working full-time, having 2 blog sites and taking pictures gives me now little time to do all this, so when I do cook I like to talk about it and show you how beautiful it looks.

My niece Mariah was at the house with my daughter Hannah and decided to cook something for all 3 of us. So I hit the fridge to see what;s going in there. I decided on some shrimps, rice and a bag of frozen vegetables. Now I like my stuff fresh but last-minute cooking, so no other choice than to use the frozen bag.

I did 2 kinds of shrimp. I stir fried the vegetables and shrimps. I added a little butter, garlic and a slight of old bay to the pan and added the shrimps first. now remember shrimp the moment the shrimps gets pink take them out. Now I added the vegetable in that same pan, that butter that’s already in there from the shrimps gives the vegetable a little taste of it. Add a little more butter to the pan, (I rarely measure use to your liking). I add-on a  little more old bay to the pan along with garlic and of course my adobo. When the vegetables are just right I add-on the shrimps saute it for about 2 minutes and take off the stove.

Now the other way I did it was again butter to the pan, for these shrimps i left the shell on. I added old bay, garlic, onion powder and let it cook away. Old Bay has that spice to it, so when the shrimps are done I remove them from the pan and let the butter with all those ingredients simmer a little bit and then I add them to the shrimps.

I plated my food restaurant style, the girls loved they way it was set-up. They were both laughing at me saying, oh you fancy with his dinner lol gotta love them!

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